Friday, November 2, 2012




The election is only a few days away. We have witnessed much debate and anger over the last year and a half, but it’s finally coming to an end. What will transpire on November 6th? One can only hope for an opportunity we once lost… 

 I go back to the year 2000. We were coming off of eight years of Clinton and eight years of surplus. There were bad days, absolutely, but our economy flourished. We, the United States of America stood atop the world in economic confidence. The main issue of the 2000 campaign was what to do with our projected budget surplus. November came, and the majority of Americans voted to continue this growth, but then it was taken away. Opportunity was taken away. Why? Because the Supreme Court didn’t understand justice? Because Democratic senators were too afraid to stand up for the American people? Whatever the reasons, we snapped away our surplus as the American government learned to embrace war, debt, and neglect.
It’s hard not to look back and wonder what could have been. But I don’t mind looking back. It gives me the chance to look forward. I may not be able to elect Vice-President Al Gore into office, but I can make sure that Republicans don’t have the power to neglect the American people anymore. I, as one person, will show up to the polls on November 6th. I will cast my vote. And I will vote for President Barack Obama. And I will vote for Senator Dianne Feinstein. But I can’t vote in every state, and I can’t vote for every Democratic senator and every Democratic representative. But if everyone uses their power to vote, if everyone shows up to the arena, to the coliseum, to use their strength and command, opportunity will have a chance once again.
Recent voter ID laws have fractured the American Dream. I owe everything to Civil Rights activists, and I will forever be grateful for their courage and their sacrifice. I will never know their fear, and I will never know their strength. And now what these brave Americans fought for has been taken away because the Republicans are desperate to win. They are claiming voter fraud. Really? Even though studies have shown there is a substantially small amount of voter fraud that affects absolutely nothing, we find it necessary to take away people’s right to vote? What about that 93 year old African-American woman in Florida? Her right to vote was already taken away by the evils of racism and hatred, and now they are being taken away once again. Shame on all of those who proposed, enacted, and sat idly by as these Un-Constitutional Laws were given life.  Just because someone doesn’t have a valid ID, doesn’t mean their right to vote should be taken away. Taking away these rights is simply stated, Un-American and Un-patriotic. Don’t claim voter fraud. We already know ignorance has invaded your minds.
Over the last few years, the Declaration of Independence has come under attack. I first learned about this historic document when I was in elementary school, and I assumed that our elected politicians would fully understand it. I was wrong. Pursuit of Happiness? Created equal? Recently, we have seen politicians and wealthy donors use their power to deny marriage equality. Perhaps they’re right. Perhaps homosexuals want to take over the world and spread their agenda. Perhaps they really do want to infiltrate our schools and political offices. Or perhaps, just maybe, they want to be happy and wish for the same benefits, heterosexual couples receive. With four states voting on marriage equality this year, the Declaration may fall under attack once again.
Politicians need to deal with the economy, and healthcare, and civil rights, not female bodies. We’ve heard Todd Akin and his ‘legitimate rape’ comment and Richard Mourdock and his rape comment. I have never seen or heard such offensive comments in any other election. In 2011, we had Arizona senator Jon Kyl lie by saying that well over 90 percent of what Planned Parenthood does is abortions. After this, his camp said that senator Kyl’s remark was not supposed to be an accurate statement.  When you’re 87% off, I guess that’s the only thing you can say.
We’ve seen states take away a woman’s right to her own body. That issue was settled in 1973. How can we progress when Republicans are stuck in the 70s? That fight has been had, and justice won out. We must move on. 
I keep hearing about how the Republicans are better fit to deal with our struggling economy. If I recall, the Republicans are responsible for the great downfall- over 4.5 million jobs lost in Bush's last year. Overspending on war, and letting Wall Street run rampant with our money. They aren’t fit. Republicans think Wall Street should be allowed to make their own decisions and shouldn’t be impeded by the government. But when Wall Street threatens our money, our jobs, and our very lives, the government must step in. The government’s job is to protect the people. Republicans may want to label President Obama as a socialist, but socialism runs scarce in his policies. Setting regulations on Wall Street does not prohibit their Capitalistic endeavors; it strictly ensures that a small group of people cannot risk the well-being of 300 million Americans.
I don’t mind all Republicans. I believe there eventually needs to be a portion of them in Congress, in order for everyone’s views to be heard. But what Republicans have we been electing? We have seen Minnesota Congresswoman, Michele Bachmann, accuse Secretary of State Clinton’s aide, Huma Abedin, of secretly helping a “terrorist group.” We have seen Florida Congressman,  Allen West, accuse many Democrats in Congress of being Communists; shall we remember the 50s, when many people’s lives were ruined due to a political and social witch hunt? We have seen Republican politicians act out of civility during political speeches. We have seen Republicans vote down a measure to give 9/11 first responders aide. What? What? The most deserving of heroes were denied this? And don’t say we don’t have the money for that. If we have billions among billions of dollars for war, we can spare a small portion of money for the most deserving. We’ve even seen Republicans vote down proposals they themselves created, only because President Obama was behind them. Mitch McConnell, what is up with you? In 2010, Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell said that the GOP’s main political objective over the next two years is to deny President Obama a second term. I would think the top political priority would be to work with the Democrats and improve an ailing economy and to get people back to work. I guess that’s not what senator McConnell thought. We don’t need this. The Republicans have lost their opportunity to tell us what is best. In order for this country to successfully heal, we need Sanity.
I have never seen such disrespect for a President in my life. There have always been arguments and fights between political parties, and between presidents and fellow politicians, but never have I witnessed so much hate. The birther issue may be the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard of. People spending their time to try and prove the President was born in Kenya, what? If you disagree with the President, you don’t make up lies and promote them for years, only to hope he may be removed due to a technicality. President Obama is here to stay. If being born in Hawaii makes you Kenyan, then so does being born in New York, or Alabama, or Missouri. I guess that makes us all Kenyans.
 And the attack on President Obama’s religion, what? What is this? The Republicans need to be put in time out. Attacking our President because you think he’s a Muslim, really? If the President says he is a Christian, I believe him. If you accuse him of being a radical Muslim, trying to brainwash the masses into believing in radical Muslim policies, you may want to bring proof. If you truly believe in the weirdest of all conspiracies, proof may help. And wait a minute, didn’t Republicans try and claim President Obama was an extremist, due to a supposed connection to Reverend Jeremiah Wright? Isn’t Jeremiah Wright a Christian? How can you claim President Obama believes in everything bad you think Jeremiah Wright believes in, when you are accusing him of being a Muslim? Guys, get your conspiracies straight. Plus attacking someone for being Muslim, that’s kind of Un-American, don’t you think? If I’m correct, I believe Muslims are people. And I believe the United States of America feels all people should be equal. Or should we just burn the Declaration of Independence? I personally love the document and its teachings. With every effort you have put forth to dismantle President Obama, one must wonder why. Why do you hate him so? John Boehner, if this is what you have let your party become, then you don’t deserve your job.

 Barack Obama Regenerated - Our New Hope
In 2008, there was a magical aura surrounding the election. Then Senator, Barack Obama spoke of hope and change on an amplified level. Have we seen all these changes come to be? No. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t coming. Republicans are attacking President Obama for not bringing about the change he promised. You know, it’s kind of hard when you have crazies in Congress trying to stall everything. I know that change is coming and I know that hope is alive and well. I am just as excited to vote for President Obama this year as I was in 2008. Unemployment is down, the housing market is up, and the journey for national civil rights will be completed. I am pumped up for President Obama. Pump yourself up. “OBAMA! OBAMA! OBAMA!” President Obama is capable of bringing about a great deal of change. What he needs is backup. So what do we need to do? Vote for President Barack Obama and give him backup.

Mr. President, remember who you are. You are the Great Eagle who came in to save your country. The journey has begun, but there is much progress ahead. Your power of hope and change is still with us. As we continue to fight for you, fight for us. Fight for the justice we all deserve.


On Romney:

Are we over exaggerating the dangers of electing Mitt Romney? I don’t think so. I won’t forget…
Mr. Romney, my mother was laid off because the company she worked wanted someone younger who they wouldn’t have to pay as much. Do you really think she relaxed at home waiting for her government handout? No. Every day she worked as hard as she could to find another job. Her unemployment was just a little reminder that someone cared. My mother has worked too hard for you not to care about her. She may have never voted for you in the first place, but she is still an American, and she matters. This isn’t some fantasy world where making the most amount of money wins you the top prize. The President must deal with real people, hundreds of millions of real people. America is not a business. It’s a united country where people on the lower end of pay matter just as much as people on the higher end. I don’t have to worry about Barack Obama caring for everyone. He cares. He never bought smaller businesses, sold them for parts, and sent jobs to China. I won't forget that you did.
There are close races taking place throughout the country – I’m looking at you Massachusetts, Wisconsin, Arizona, and Indiana; and you Virginia, Florida, Missouri, Ohio, and Nevada. Let us solidify the Democratic held senate seats in Nebraska, North Dakota, and Montana. Let’s take on their landslide candidates. Let us take on their prominent Congressmen, who are unwilling to compromise. I am tired of the Republicans disrespecting the President and disrespecting the American people. Every vote matters. Every district and every state matters. The election may be the most important event in the United States. Be a part of it. I hope every one of our 50 states has a record breaking turnout, and I hope you will represent your state well. If your friends don’t feel like voting, make them. If you don’t feel like voting, think of the last 12 years and what has happened since the great steal of 2000. You and your friends can always celebrate after. Celebrate your victory. You voted. You had the power and you used it.
There once was a time when Republicans didn’t reign over the bully pulpit and there was even a time when Democrats won the south. Republicans have lowered their defenses at a bad time. Democrats only need a net gain of 25 seats to take back the house, while at the same time, the senate is much closer. Democrats lead, but the Republicans are on their tail. A net gain of three will put them ahead. The gauntlet will host both sides on November 6th. Through lies, polls, and fear, Republicans will expect retreat. But there is no retreat. There is a duel, a melee - your vote vs. their vote. Numbers are the only separation between victory and defeat. Personal ideologies cannot be allowed to negate the powers of the Constitution and tear down the fortress of respect and understanding. We need humanity. Imagine what could be on the morning of November 7th. Now make it happen. If you show, and you vote, victory will be had.